Versuri Shining (Swe) - Submit To Self-destruction

Album: Shining (Swe) - Angst...Sjlvdestruktivitetens Emissarie

Cruel punishment of self-destruction, a way of letting him in
Burning flesh, repenting sins of past
A hope of future bliss but my soul is doomed to slavery
My wounds can not be counted in numbers - all everything for his glory!
A solid trip with a dark desire to deprave the (remaining) chastity of my haunted soul
Pale, hungry i wait for his command...
Bitter is the journey to hell - for i must bow before the fires of hell
A child of the dark, a hunter, with a blessing of evil,
That is a curse with which i wander - hand in hand
This is a leason in demonic possession
Possession of evil - possession of my lovely end...

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