Versuri Shining - The Madness and the Damage Done

Album: Shining - Blackjazz

The madness and the damage done

(If) you write one more thing in my book of lies
I brainwash myself a blood-stained mind
Put on a glass, It'll never forget the pain
The same old, same old hurting game
You love the whole wide world with your body as a sign
But I never was the physical kind
You offer holy cure and sight to the blind
But I never was the miracle kind
You'll remember me when you sell your ring
Don't tell me you don't feel a thing
Holy Mary (I,) can't seem to shut her legs!
Thoughts run wild
The madness and the damage done

You'll remember me when your worlds collide
The sea will rise and your thought divide
You'll remember me when the sea retreats
The cerebral storm won another defeat*
While we sing to the moon your stars fall down
While our eyes run sore, you wear a crown
The sometimes, maybe: There's no middle ground
The void has won,
The madness and the damage done

The madness and the damage done

The cerebral storm won it's (/your) last (/another) defeat

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