Versuri Sickening Horror - Embrace The Abstract

Album: Sickening Horror - When Landscapes Bled Backwards

Alter the ways of transfering to distant planets
The cosmic crypt is opened and noone can pass it
to taste the burning future or the frozen past
A million years until this dark passage opens up again
When time used to exist and darkness was enlightened,
the fragments of suffering were vanished
through nether grounds, inside the future cones

Gain access to enter the convex corridors,
to life you to the districts of infinite density
Filled with dread I am ascending these weird
space-time adaptors across the dark matter,
to the sphere of the unexplained

The black points create and multiply
the unrevealed level of light-speed,
causing overall defragmentation
and diagrams of time emerge as none
And then the wormhole is cut off
I reach the side, the side of no return
The view of this psychic place,
becomes my way from nowhere to somewhere

A crystal sight of this bottomless abyss,
a sensation that's turning to real
is the convincing fact that I'm physically dead
within the abstract and the undefined
The need to proceed with the mental devoutness,
is the most intensive reason to fade
My intellect is not evolved,
the conversion has been achieved

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