Versuri Sigh - Finale: Hangman's Hymn / In Paradisum / Das Ende

Album: Sigh - Hangman's Hymn

Fire scorches my flesh
This is real!
What was I to lose, just to burning in this hell
I, insane, shall die in shame
Am I insane to to die in pain
My pried has died
Death from inside,
Deadly cyanide spread so wide
Fearful fate, I know, lies in fire
I'll cry in fire then die in fire
See my desire wither in fire
Perish in flame,
Then call me a liar
The ghost that is alive,
Alive but dead,
Dead but unburied
It haunts to haunt my avatar
It makes me regret forever
Fear with no reason rises inside
Why I lied then let my pried die,
I'm so scared but I don't know why
Death as a saint I shall deny,
I shall defy, I shall deride
See my desire perish in fire,
Wither in fire, and then call me a liar!
Die all the believers!
Die all the deceivers
Die an eternal death!
Die in misery!
Die for insanity
Hear the Hangman's Hymn
I wanted to change the world,
It was too late, now meet your fate!
I saw the world's end
You did! I called up the devil!
What a fool!
Did you think that you would die upon the cross?
I thought I'd be blessed!
You don't want fame after death?
I don't want it, I don't need it!
Born again
I thought I was a chosen few
I had touched the truth
Don't forget your souls belongs to us
What a fool you are now burn in hell
You know it's your fate!
Are you glad to be burning in hell?
I'm yearning to be freezing!
Are you glad to be caught by a spell?
I'm bleeding! You called up the devil!
What a fool!
I called up the devil, what a fool
This is the end of the dreams for you!
This is the end of the dreams for me