Versuri SILENT CIVILIAN - Divided

Album: SILENT CIVILIAN - Rebirth Of The Temple

I'm not the one you'll deceive
Choose what I want to perceive
You lack the will and control
Your church is destined to fall
Force those to bow and accept
Imposing fear to repent
Divide a nation of one
Ignore the damage you've done

Free minds destroyed, they kneel
Trapped in the lies, you sell

In the name of fascism, you steal
Separating what is one, wont heal
In the name of your deceit, you sell
You condemn those who think free, to hell

Prey on the hearts of the week
Give them something to believe
Undo their liberal state
Revoke the right to debate
Your lies of deliverance
Scare tactics gain their consent
Abortion of the free mind
Create the sheep get in line

[Repeat bridge and chorus]

Please believe within you, resist oppression
Lies and greed before you, passive aggression
Guilt, they'll feed, and scorn you, for liberation

[Repeat chorus]

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