Versuri SILENT CIVILIAN - Falling Down

Album: SILENT CIVILIAN - Rebirth Of The Temple

Unleash the hate manifesting inside
Stuck in a world of betrayals and lies
Blood Starts to heat and the tension will rise
Grinding his teeth, rage in his eyes
Pacing the room entertaining the thought
Seeking revenge cause he's clearly distraught
Dreaming of loading the gun he just bought
Justice Will Rise, Bodies will fall Down

Watch them fall down, They will fall down
Erase The fear Replaced
With Closure for all, he shares his pain
Creates this closure for all

Following through on this promise he's made
Cries to the man in the mirror, betrayed
Lost is the rash of the role he once played
Something has snapped, Sanity Slain
Ten in the Clip now with one in the hole
Chanting Repeating "And Justice For All"
Pulls Back his hammer, he finally stands tall
Pulling his trigger, Bodies now fall Down