Versuri Silent Descent - I Can. I Will.

Album: Silent Descent - Duplicity

Lack of respect,
Lack of any dignity.
I see those who fall,
Lead normal lives.
f*****g, bleeding, immorality,
Lack honour or loyalty.

Unless we belong,
We cannot be.
(Sing for me now)
Again, look what you've done,
Then sing for me...

Now, it's here I fall,
Land on my feet.
I can, I will,
f**k your reprisal.
Now, before I die,
Rip open wings and fly.
I can, I will,
f**k your reprisal.

Now burn, you face addiction,
Held by dark plastic paths.
Is it things you base your life on now?
Empty, you breath in glass,
Taste your own blood.
Sit and watch your life go by.

If I lie, let my tongue rip from this hole,
Let my life not be dissolved.
(Sing for me now)
Lessons learned by pain,
The way you hurt?
Look back and sing for me...

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