Versuri Silentium - The Sinful

Album: Silentium - Altum

"If all of our sins can be redeemed, by the son of man,
Then the chalice can be for filled again, by one, sinful, man "
One, sinful man
One of all unkind
In the times ere gone
Wretched, was bound
No gracious wisdoms
Couldn't turn his mind
For regret and shame
He turned a blind eye
Let the disbelievers
Throw the first rocks
Their deeds shall not show
Stake burns for whores
In the children's heart
Feet aneath the earth
With bloody hands
And backs berend
Come let as gather to torment this man
For to sin he felled, of being humane
With one man's faith
Should all of his kind
Shrink on their knees
With humble mind
For one man's sake
Tell, my dear, if known
They'll build a stake
For one sinner's soul
For what is sin?
-blink of an eye
For whence once lost
Innocence, 'tis a lie
(So a triumphant death
He suffered proudly
We've lost purity
With his sinful blood)
Sic pereant omnes inimisi tui
Damnare suus spera nos

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