Versuri Silentium - To My Beloved One

Album: Silentium - Altum

"How could I even speak of love, my dear,
before I held ye in the arms of mine?..."
In thy beloved arms
I 'll drown myself to rest
And upon your ivory skin
My dreams will softly drift
No sweeter touch
From the angels wing
As the tender kiss
Yer lips gave to me
In thy beloved arms,
My dear
I 'll drown
My deepest fear
And as we watch
The sun pass a sleep
Nay sound from the forest,
Just a tender weep
Here, my beloved one
Here is my heaven
Angel beside me
And her eyes to drown in
In thy beloved arms, my dear
I kin I can't forever be
But this moment, how short the time could be
It is forever, a sweet infinity to me

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