Versuri SINCARNATE - Requiem

Album: SINCARNATE - On the Procrustean Bed

We live in a world that puts us all to death on the Procrustean bed. The human life is more predictable and valueless than ever.
Unnumbered people die every day, unnumbered children starve to death and upon us all a few fellow men smile from their untouchable towers
of power. 

Those of us continuing to live are forced to an abominable conformity, thus washing out the last crumbles of humanity still residing in
us. Walking corpses, the most of us live this misery called life without even ever having the chance to become conscientious of the crime
pursued against us all. 

Just take a moment and turn your eyes towards your own life ? how much of it did you really own? And how much of it ails on the society?s
Procrustean bed, waiting for death to come?

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