Versuri SINCARNATE - Sincerely Yours

Album: SINCARNATE - On the Procrustean Bed

Sunk into debauchery, corrupted to the bone,
Condemned to an empty and meaningless existence,
A flock of sheep urging towards the edge
Singing thy name we entered the house of slaughter.

You promised us freedom
You have sworn to forget
The deep wounds we blindly inflicted
Onto the legs of your spotless lambs.

Why do you persist in your silence?
So many of us died, so many getting lost
There is no guilt, no sin, you said
That man, in a life time, could not repent.

Sincerely yours, I admit to have failed,
Sincerely yours, if there’s none else to blame.

You know, my friend, I double-crossed you long ago
I am the man with only one cheek,
The other one you turn on me, I slavered on.
You should have known you’re not welcome.

What do you seek, you fool, you blind man,
Can you not see that we are done?! 
I’ll have you back on your cross
For trying to deceive us again.

Sincerely yours, I won’t fail again, 
Truthfully yours, as I’ve always been.

Father, forgive them!
Who are you?
Not my son.

Sïncerely yours, I cannot be saved,
Forever yours, you came for me too late.

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