Versuri SINCE THE FLOOD - At The End

Album: SINCE THE FLOOD - No Compromise

take my hand walk with me I wanna show you everything you missed I wanna show you how it came to this
I felt you slip away I never wanted it to end this way what could I say what could I f*****g do
wait for the day it all comes back to you.
you'll never know what you have done I place my faith in no one
I'll never trust again.
f**k you.
I've never felt this hopeless betrayed f*****g alone
on my way straight down with no chance.
no voice.
victim of pain.
I brought this on my f*****g self
so far from those I once held so close pushed aside from what I once called my own how could I reach this f*****g low.
I gave all I had with nothing to show the fact I couldn't see it coming I have no one to blame but myself
on my knees again on my knees again I felt you slip away.
I never wanted it to end this way

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