Versuri SINISTER - Flesh Of The Servant

Album: SINISTER - Afterburner

Replenish what has been taken
Shepherd of the unholy
Blessed are those who guard their soul
Like a shock to the system

Shortage of violence
7 priests involved
Rape of innocent children
Approval from their god

Flesh of the servant
Sexual secrecy
Molestation of those who trust - in this hypocrisy

Kneel down, abuser of the light,
I'm your destiny
Cursed are those who filled their lust
Violence and secrecy

[Repeat 2nd verse]

Scandals covered up
Collective absence of shame
Ridiculous speech for forgiveness
Victims not allowed to endure their pain

Warriors of sin
I hate your god
Intend to kill your benevolent holy man

Flesh of the servant
Inhuman act
Followers of the occult
Mirror of death

Misbehavior of those who trust
Scars of time will tell the tale of fright
Militant but still oppressed
Millions gathered to slay the hands of time

[Repeat 7th and 6th verses]

Abuser of the light
Sworn to secrecy
Previous signs ignored
Children used as whores

[Repeat 3rd, 4th, and 2nd verses]