Versuri SINISTER - Leviathan

Album: SINISTER - Diabolical Summoning

Expelled into the ancient pit
Roaming dead
Hellspawn, the breeding pain
Suffering in the shadows of the damned

Beneath the sea the darklord dwells,
breeding hellspawn endlessly
Great serpent the enormous worm,
snake with the sharpened claw
Leviathan, so called lord
Behemoth of the deep
Dead with pain, awake to slay
Merciless vengeance crawls

Blasphemous dark angel
Lord of the faithless depths
Covered with the signs of the dead
Necromancer of forbidden art
Wrapped in mysteries of darkness
The dead who rides the whirlwind
Master, author of pain
Screaming ancient incantations

Evil seals, hatred signs
Sacred numbers,
kept behind the forbidden
Hells omen, hidden time
Datk prophecies

Monster of annihilation,
ride upon the blasting winds
Great black slimy shape,
rise from the brackish pits

Evil decayed substance from the dismal void
Vomit forth pestilence as a surging sea
Silent is that voiceless bird,
who dwelled in the lake of fire
Festering fragments roaming forth,
spreading unbearable pain

Leviathan, behemoth of the deep
Dark angel
Faceless unseen monsters,
spawned at the dawn of age
Breed of his omniscient mind

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