Versuri SINISTER - Perennial Mourning

Album: SINISTER - Cross The Styx

[Music by : Ron. Lyrics by : Mike]

Bodily resignation
enter the ancient spheres
dimension beyond all dreams
where time is forsaken

Perennial mourning

Eternal benevolent wings
solemn moaning flock
through chasms of sin
falsehood of mankind

Perennial mourning

Omniscient ancient dome
beholds the answer to it all

Eyes of the ancient slumber
rabid grotesque tears
are vanishing in time

Simultaneous integration of cocoons
an obscure mystical appearance
of unshapen kindred spirits
like myriad chronic visions

Shadows of blood appear
above the zoetrope chamber
omnious pylons arise
enclosing ferocity

Perennial mourning

[lead : Andr]

Omniscient ancient dome
beholds the answers to it all

Rise from the age of knowledge
devouring bestial phlegm
unnular deformed mutation
chained to the hideous cobwebs
imperturbable consuming souls
simultanious deviation into dusk

[lead : Andr]

Eyes of the ancient slumber
rabid grotesque tears
still vanishing in time

Convene incantation spheres
the infinite powers from beyond
ancient visions disappear
beware of the prophecies

Universal knowledge
beyond subconciousness

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