Versuri SINISTER - The Riot Crossfire

Album: SINISTER - Afterburner

Playground of the holy, preach eternal lies, gospel
for the wicked
Dressed in black, destructive malice
Body to body, knife to knife, predatory raid
The end of civilization, world demise

The riot crossfire
Practical dismemberment
A feast for the beast

Invertible items gathered straight from the core
Favor them all, you'll be dead when he's gone
Meaningless redemption, freedom for all
Father of failure, hear my death call

Scene after scene, life after death, the riot crossfire
Potential homicide, pragmatic rivalry, the riot crossfire

Like a cut from a blade
Or a shot filled with hate
Death with honor, upkeep the pride
March into glory without asking why
...The riot crossfire

[Repeat previous verse]

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