Versuri SINNER - Madhouse

Album: SINNER - Comin' Out Fighting


I'm dancin' with danger
Voices callin' my name
A roll of the dice
Just playin' the game

Been out of the scene
Goin' through changes
I'm playin' to win

This is a madhouse, madhouse
There's a fever burnin' in me
This is a madhouse, madhouse
And it wakes the devil in me

Awakes the devil
Wolves walk after midnight
They're out on the prowl
They're spittin' out fire
Can you hear their howl

No one ever stops 'em
Just let 'em roll
Ready to go

You'll never get out of here
Hell bent to play
You're at the edge of desire, baby
Nothin' left to say

This is a madhouse, madhouse [2]
And it wakes, oh it wakes up
The devil in me

[Solo: Angel]

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