Versuri SINNER - Rattlesnake

Album: SINNER - Danger Zone


All right!

In the heat of the night in a backstreet bar
Down in a one horse town
He was in need of a woman, he had nothin' to lose
So he started lookin' around

[Chorus 1:]
He was ready - Out on the hunt
He was ready

[Chorus 2:]
He's a rattlesnake - and nothin' more
He's a rattlesnake - lookin' for love

A real mean gambler playin' every game
With luck on his side and a grin on his face
He looks into her eyes, the edge of love
The brink of disaster, the thunder roars

She feels kind of shy - The fire burns
She feels kind of shy

[Chorus 2]

Oh yeah!

Till the morning dawns in esctasy
Till the first hello of the sun
Then it was time to leave, to shed his skin
To go back on the hunt

[Chorus 1 & 2]

He's a ... rattlesnake [2]

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