Versuri SINNER - Troublemaker

Album: SINNER - Judgement Day

[Sinner, Naumann, Beyrodt]

She looks up - wiped the tears from your eyes
She's fourteen - wants her father to die
Sadism sucks - mother surrenders on fear
She ain't gonna cry - nothing left to feel
He will never turning - her heart was burning
Eye to eye, her cradle was rocked - run away

Hang tough - troublemaker
Hang tough - you're not to blame
Hang tough - troublemaker
He's burning now in flames

She woke up - he slapped her face
Darkened the room - tried to violate her
She tried to talk - he made her a fool
Look out - it could happen near you
Neighbours don't listen - swallow the pain
She planned her vengeance today - run away
One shot - his blood congeals in tears
Will a judge listen - can he repeat her fourteen years