Versuri Sirenia - Darkened Days To Come

Album: Sirenia - The Enigma Of Life

She speaks to me in words that I can't understand
She moves in certain ways that I can't comprehend
She talks to me of love and life and faith and hope
She talks to me of death and darkened days to come

Come with me on through the veil of sleep
There are so many things I'd like to show you in my dreams
There is a path that leads us on and on through the beyond
I'll take you by the hand and I will never let you go

She pulls the strings attached so deeply to my heart
She takes me by the hand and lead me to the dark
She dance in lucid dreams, she's dancing in a trance
She pulls me deeper in, I never stood a chance


I know you're too far gone
What have we both become my dearest one
I'll walk you down the path
That leads to the dark in the deep of my heart


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