Versuri Sister Sin - All Systems Go

Album: Sister Sin - Switchblade Serenades

When the time is right I'm moving in
from two steps behind
Fred Astaire's in a sway
keep moving all the time
You're always a familiar face
to the eyes that won't go blind
Standing here in the shades now
Ready to walk the line?

We will live for the ages...& all time

Freak out ya seekers
All systems go
Leave all what has been behind
Freak out ya seekers & you
All should know
Won't ever let 'em take my pride
All systems go

Sell-out boredom euro-trash
like me,myself & I
Livin' ain't a luxury
when no one's at your side
Yesterday has been & gone
& my heroes gone wild
Everything that's left for me
is a wicked worried smile

I'll keep on turning pages...until I find

Freak out ya seekers...

Nothing will stay the same
Now we can stake our claim

Freak out ya seekers...