Versuri Six Feet Under - Destructive Aggressor

Album: Six Feet Under - Legions Of The Undead

Demons searching for the chosen one
Angels killing, death has begun
Ruling horror close at hand
Son of Satan is in command

Death we're seeking for
Killing all in sight
Smashing through the boundaries
Marching through the night
Lusting in the evil
Sacrifice the life
Possessed in his power
Now prepare to die
Evil has arrived
Warrior of hell
Destructive aggressor
Your life he takes tonight

Death is forsaken
It has begun
Reign of terror
Satan's son
Total evil
Rips through his brain
As death flows free
Through his veins

Killing for life
He is bringing death
To the mortal scum
They will burn in hell

Evil they're seeking for
Divine is his power
Angel of destruction
Your lives he will take
War has driven
Forces to death
Holocaust on earth
Newborn die
The Anti-Christ
Rules the hellish sites of death

Killing for life you know you must die
All that you took,
Your death has arrived
The vision of destruction
Has done no harm
This powerful evil
Cause for alarm

Destructive Aggressor

[Lead - Jeff]
[Lead - Mike]

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