Versuri SIX MAGICS - Prince Of Pure Light

Album: SIX MAGICS - Dead Kings Of The Unholy Valley

Tragedy-cruel destiny
my tears can't stop my endless pain
now I am the last of the kings
and for vengance I will scream
The hope for the holy lands
is now on my hands...
I will swear with my blood
I will avenge your throne
[Town:]Prince of pure light
[Ilgard:] Now I am your king
[Town:]Freedom to this place give us back the sanctity of light
[Ilgard:]Kings of the shadows listen to me
you will kneel to me and you will die again!

[Acoustic Guitar: Erick]

The wizard told me once
that chaos and decay will fall
I am the chosen one
my steel will soon sound with the wind
I must go to the unholy place
to take out my father of that disgrace
ride with his dead body to Darkaria
where his soul'll finally rest
Oh father I'll fight for you!



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