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Ska fara Trompete (translated Ska without Trumpets) is an Romanian ska-punk band that formed in Iasi in 2006. The band was formed by guitarist, and for a brief period, vocalist, Ciolan Vlad & bassist Simighian Vlad. Ska fara Trompete’s style of ska punk was initially influenced heavily by alternative rock & grunge, though as they progressed they began to leave that behind and incorporate elements of punk rock & street punk into their sound. Ska fara Trompete released a official demo, “Seminte de Ska” (Ska Seeds), and appeared on a compilation released by a known punk fanzine from Romania, More Punk Than You. The band first release, and only so fare, “Seminte de Ska” was a alternative, grunge and punk rock influenced record. On More Punk Than You compilation, they appear with the track “Skanotimpurile” (ska seasons), a ska punk and street punk track about the punks habit to drink on any occasion. Ciolan Vlad & Simighian Vlad......Toata biografia Ska fara Trompete

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Ska fara Trompete

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