More Faithful Bass Tab - Skillet

Song: More Faithful
Artist: Skillet
Album: The Simply x-celent 1.99 sampler
Tabbed by Bryan (
Copywrite 1998 Phantom Music


the verses are just a cycle of this..

    F#   A  D      C# F#   A  D      C#

it ends on the 10 (D) before it goes to the chorus..soo cut it here

and the chorus is..

e|--5-5-5-5-----------|  3x
    A        D


    A       F        G      D

the bridge (which is the instrumental) is just the verse line

i typed this out for a friend, and i saw it wasnt on
im putting it up..but i dont want to re-type it..or put lyrics
so be good guitarists and figure it out..its not pretty
sure it close..dont eat me out if its not though..

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