Skillet a lansat o noua versiune a piesei 'Save Me'

de Cristi Nedelcu

Skillet a lansat o noua versiune a piesei 'Save Me'

Piesa originala este preluata de pe cel de-al zecelea album al trupei, "Victorios", ce a fost lansat anul trecut via Atlantic Records.

"Save Me' was a song where I had written the chorus melody… I was thinking I could almost hear [FIVE FINGER] DEATH PUNCH doing that chorus. Then I said, 'I just think that this could really be a Skillet song.' Instead of moving towards ultra-metal, it can move a little bit towards romantic and sad. Then when we started recording it and working on the parts, I was, like, you know what? It can be sad and metal at the same time. I literally thought, 'If this was a FIVE FINGER chorus, what would they do on the drums?' I know it doesn't sound like FIVE FINGER — it sounds like SKILLET — but for a musician, if they really picked apart the guitar and the drum parts and the chorus, you can hear that being a DEATH PUNCH chorus with his voice — if Ivan [Moody] was singing it. Some bands don't like to admit stuff like that, but I do. I like to pay homage to bands that I love, because I don't have much of an ego — I think it's cool. So, I can hear Ivan sing it.", a declarat John Cooper.

Noua versiune poate fi ascultata mai jos.

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