Versuri SKYFIRE - From Here To Death

Album: SKYFIRE - Timeless Departure

[Music: Edlund/Hanner; Lyrics: Bjork]

Forever left behind
Behind what was ment to be
Destroying the worlds around me
With powers from inside
My soul is fading away
Yes I have been led astray
By an unknown cosmic force
I'm entombed within myself
With this world as my enemy
Inside the darkest mind
There is no light, there is no hope
Black is the color of our death

From here we are, from here we are
My hatred lives on through the ages
I surely will die with pride in my heart
From here to death, from here to nothingness

The only thing I feel is hate
Abomination for life itself
Dark surrealistic images are surrounding me
Beyond our own unavoidable death

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