Versuri Skyforger - Battle At Garoza Forest

Album: Skyforger - Kauja Pie Saules

Burn, my heart, burn in blazing hate
let my hand grip the sword tight
the forest the clatter of horses' hoofs is heard
There's someone riding to find the end on this ground
the rivers of blood will be flowing soon
and many will never see the sun again.

Dead silence is lying at forest
and darkness still covers the trees
the men who are marked by the crosses
are sleeping, they don't hear, don't see

they don't see in depths of the thicket
the eyes are shining like lights
and don't feel the breath of death
that mother of velins is blowing upon them

- time to wake up, it's time to wake up -
is silently calling some threatening voice
there's black raven cawing at tree :
"You all will meet your end here!"

The silence is broken by a loud battle cry :
There Semigalls are coming through the thicket
like a black shadow of death they start rolling against the Christians.
They strike the Crusaders' rows
and snow is splashed by blood
now moans are heard and swords are tinkling
Many eyes are closed for the deadly sleep.

Till finally the whole crowd of Christians is falling to pieces
undefeatable is the Semigalls' rage and battle-spirit this day.

Hey, ravens, fly and bring the message to Semigallia :
The foe was broken in forest at Garoza!

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