Versuri Skyforger - Forger Forged Up In The Sky

Album: Skyforger - Kauja Pie Saules

Forger forged up in the sky
sparks fell down at the seaside
Let's go, brothers, gather them
to forge the swords for ourselves

Forge the swords for ourselves
from the nine kinds of steel
then go to the land of Jods
to chop up all the sons of Jods

Perkons rode across the sky
spoke the words severe
spoke the words severe
rod of iron in his hand

Perkon, show no mercy for our enemies!

Foreign lords, men of war
tread the land of fathers mine
summer will set in, Perkons will arrive
and you'll all be struck to pieces

Perkon, show no mercy for our enemies!

Brothers, let's cut our swords
crosswise in the oak
crosswise the branches, crosswise the roots
crosswise we'll ride through the war