Versuri Skyforger - The Battle Of Saule

Album: Skyforger - Kauja Pie Saules

Sit down, wayfarer, by the riverside
take a look beyond
see the level field
on the other side of stream

Where a quiet ploughman
slowly tilling his land
in olden times there raged a battle
many thousands meet their death

Over there the power of the order of sword was razed to the ground
Lithuanians side by side with Semigalls a great victory then found

In the battle of Saule
Where Ringaud hailed the victory
at the battlefield of Saule
the bones of Christians are rotting in the ground

Through the dark forests by stealth
has Ringaud rushed with his men
on the way to this bloody feast
has called the Semigalls to join them

Perkon! The almighty forefathers' god
Who crashes the bolts from the sky
by whom the earth and the air is trembling
please, help us to conquer this fighting

Meister Folkvin and the whole Order of Sword for ever fell asleep,
by the Semigalls some coward who tried to escape in Riga was killed

The Battle of Saule, by the river Memele
most splendid of the Ringaud's victories
when passing by this place, wayfarer,
bow your head,
may the memory of those heroes live forever.