Versuri Skyforger - The Sacred Firecross

Album: Skyforger - Kauja Pie Saules

It's the sacred firecross
woven in the belts of priests,
it's the sign of god Perkons
That adorns the banner of ours
the banner under which we are born and we die
the banner by which we are standing with arms
in our hands

We stand together as one
for the land of our fathers
We're not gonna bend
We can only be killed
there's no other way
to call yourself a Semigallian warrior
if you are not ready to spill your blood
and let it flow through this land

The sacred firecross
let its fire burns in our hearts

You're not allowed to tremble
When brother falls killed by your side
don't cry or pray when the enemy's slashing
what the sons yet unborn then will judge about you
will it be worth to be born on this ground

But now my heart shivers in pride
when I'm standing on the forefather's land
their blood has not been spilled in vain -
the firecross still flames in our banner