Versuri Skyforger - Viestards' Fight At Mezotne

Album: Skyforger - Kauja Pie Saules

The messenger hastens to Tervete now,
has brought a bad message for Viestards :
The monks and Crusaders are sitting in Mezotne castlemound
and turning the Semigalls thoughts to the Christian faith

Then Viestards snatches at his sword, his heart now burns with rage :
"If guests have arrived, they shall be meet with a good reception.

Let all the men from Semigallia gather here
and bring the axes and swords with them;
We promise to our gods, if they give us good luck,
those heads we'll cut off at Mezotne!"

Thundergod Perkons now roars at horizon enraged
You, foreigner, better make off from this land!

And early in morning the army of Semigalls arrived at Mezotne
All day long they were fighting against the Crusaders
Yet there's no good fortune for Viestards today,
his nephew already is killed at the field.

But meanwhile at ships along the Lielupe river
The helpmates are sailing for Christians fast
when Semigalls got it to know
they rushed to meet full of rage.

On the shallow place of the river they attacked the ships at once
and everyone who was inside there
was cut to the ground without mercy.

Seeing that, the monks who were hiding in Mezotne castlemound
made haste to pray for their God
and at the last hour of twilight
they all make off from the Semigallian land.
The wolves are howling at their heels
black night covers the forests in dark,
this is the Semigalls' reception for those
who arrive here as guests uninvited.

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