Versuri SKYLARK - Fear of the Moon

Album: SKYLARK - The Horizon & The Storm

Black is the Sky in a summer-hot evening
A young man walks fast in the streets of the City-dream

He looks upon his head to forget his life
But he sees the biggest mistake of Mankind

The Moon is hungry, wanna destroy human race
Corruption and bullshits can't live in Universe

She wanna fight the Evil she wants to kill the Evil
But the evil is even mankind

If you wanna save your life, to laugh again and cry
You must believe in the light of the Moon

Fear of the Moon. Red is the Moon
Against your mind, against your soul
Light in the Dark, Fire in the Sky
You cannot runaway
Power of red Moon is here

If you believe in the Justice of the Red Moon
Then let her save us take time she's offering to you.