Versuri SKYLARK - Last Christmas In Hell

Album: SKYLARK - Divine Gates Part II - Gate Of Heaven

[White Warrior:]
Now, I can leave the darkest time,
to come back to my Mankind with the
answers in my hand
Now, I just want to stop my cries, I just ride
a fantasy in my wildest dreams
Now, we can read the Crystal Balls,
we can only save our souls in the
name of harmony.
Now, we can finally hold the key with the
answers on our way tomorrow and today.

The only solution to kill the evil goals is to
protect our souls, strong:
to find inside the right feeling, you can,
no swords you need for yourself

We are fighting what we created,
all the Evil Creatures...
So in our heart and our souls
we get strength and love to win!

Satan, I've just broken what you built and you
wander as you can do but
you will die with Belzebu!
Now, we can live in peace this time and we
wear the winner cloak, bad days are behind

The only solution to face the Evil sword
is to protect our love, strong:
to find around one more feeling so bad
no guns you need for yourself...

There is a fire who signs the right way, there is
no demon who menace our faith
One of the gates is the key of our love, making
your choice you will drive our World.

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