Versuri SKYLARK - Lions Are The World

Album: SKYLARK - Fairytales

Close the window, it's so cold inside
Lock the door, the snow falls down so bright
Think about, the path (and) the road we walked
There's no doubt, lions are the World

There is a time when people has to mind and care
There is a time when memories they wouldn't fade
There is a chance to take and fly so high
To be a Lion to survive

Ride the lightning, hold me and stay so close
Lead the fighting, till the Northwinds blows
Walk the river, only if you can
Find the answers Lion is what I am

There is place when people has to learn to fly
There are some winged lions and they cannot die,
To be a light, a guide for all Mankind...
To be an angel in the night
Light my fire, give me a reason, make me fly, in this darkest night
Make me higher, tonight, brake my prison it's right
I'm a lion...and this is what I want...

Lions are the World, when the World is mine,
Lions are the World, to keep me sadisfied,
Let them scream their anger, let them fly alone,
When the Shade is rising, don't forget that Lions are the World.

Take my hand and tell me all the stories that you know
Grab a pen and write down all your dreams you're looking for
Use your deep illusion, try to throw your fears away
Close your eyes and smile to enter this sweet Fairytale.

Crucified...Terrorized...this is the Time for the Lions one but me can find Lions in the World.

Listen to the music close the door and spread your Dreams
Ride the Winged Lion until he will turn the things
Feel inside your body your celestial Fantasy
Touch the Wizard and tell me if you've finally found the Key!