Versuri SKYLARK - Love

Album: SKYLARK - Fairytales

Sun is shining on your Heaven, while you're slipping to his hands,
In the air a breeze from Eden but I hate to understand.
Cards I got I threw away, and my weapons fire alone,
Like the magic came so brave, now this magic seems to fade.

Nothing is left just for me, nightmare or dream hard to keep.
Feeling so hard to erase you from my life, feelings so hard to describe.

When you're smiling at this face, when I'm crying forevermore;
When you're running to his hands, when I listen to this song:
I won't desire to be him, I'd like just to change all your dreams.

But really I don't know how to do it, and maybe I'm not able to do it.
Only God knows what is burning in my heart,
But our flame seems to live apart.

Only God knows that wherever you are my mind hold you such as a star.
Don't let it end, believe it or not, but this is a chance that we've got.

I don't want to fly without you, I just want you by my side,
What we felt is something strong, if we lose it it's a suicide,
Can we find this flame again? Do you think it's easy?

Shadows come you don't know where to cry,
Like a bomb that explodes in your face,
Without you I'm so lost and so strange, it's hard to say.
Like an ocean without shore and sand, like a Sun who don't burn anymore,
Stop you crying think about ourselves, it's not too late.

Silent nights, old memories, he's at your side, now he's got my dream.

I don't know what you're feeling inside you,
Maybe just I don't want me to know.
It doesn't matter if you're running to find me,
What we felt in that night Yes I know...'cos this is LOVE.