Versuri SKYLARK - The Guardian Angel

Album: SKYLARK - Divine Gates Part II - Gate Of Heaven

[The Divine Oracle:]
In front of the dark church of Heaven we are
searching for the truth...

[White Warrior:]
My mind is blind, I'm going insane...
I can't pronounce even the Holy Name.

[The Guardian Angel:]
Don't push your brain, Don't waste your time
and I will show you the Sacred Sign

[White Warrior:]
But I, among the Mankind I cry,
throwing my bad dreams
from my mind away,
until my weapons are ready to stay
along the Lucifer's Lane

[White Warrior:]
My strength has gone, my road is dark, the
final battle
is going to start

[The Guardian Angel:]
The fire burns, the Angels pray, the Eternal
Flame rise and shine again

[The Guardian Angel:]
'cause I, among the Mankind I cry,
pushing your bad
dreams from your mind away,
until my faith will
protect our game,
to join the warm of the Flame

[The Guardian Angel:]
'cause I'm the Guardian Angel,
so lost to take control...

[White Warrior:]
The sound of time is watching you and now I
really come:
my Guardian Angel

[The Guardian Angel:]
'cause I'm the Guardian Angel,
I'm lost to take control...
My only mission is to save
the world, so I'm ready to give my soul!

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