Versuri Skyward - Crossroads

Album: Skyward - Skyward

So this is where we part,
and separate two hearts
so this is how it ends,
one climbs and one descends
I'd follow you anywhere,
but they don't like my kind up there
I'd follow you anywhere, anywhere but there

only a lifetime we shared,
and we travelled the road that few dare
no one has yet lived to tell,
just how far is heaven from hell

who knows we might meet again
who knows when eternity ends
till then I bid you farewell
it's a long way from heaven to hell
go now and light up the skies
you'll be queen of the heavens tonight
and when eternity is done
I can still wait for another one

there's time for one more dream,
a dream of you and me
a dream that could not be,
never could be real
goodbye and take good care,
I hear it's nice up there
one kiss and I'll be well,
and then I'm oof to hell

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