Versuri Skyward - Die Happy

Album: Skyward - Skyward

all hail the big machine, all serve the big man's dream
all bow down and get on your knees
…so serve and wait for your turn
all have to pay their fees, ll have to feed the beast
the wolf is hungry and we are sheep
…as sheep we wait for our turn
see the child come running when the night falls down
see the child come running, running for her life saving
hold me daddy if the lights go out
…and then the lights they go out
maybe we don't have to leave right now
maybe we can steal some time somehow
Just a moment all we need to die happy
maybe we don't have to leave so soon
I could show you the sky, the stars and the moon
just as long as we die together, we die happy
all fear the big man's rage, honor the sick man's faith
man destroys if he can't create
…the wolf is hungry again
all feel the sick man's hate, he does what his god dictates
god destroys cause he can create
…his god is hungry again
a cold steel heart and a face of stone, godlike status and a mighty throne
but when the lights go out he is all alone
…and there he waits for his turn
lightyears away, the sun ends the day and bids us all goodnight
last rays of light, then winter razorlike, mother nature's scythe
lightyears away, the sun calls it a day and bids us all goodnight
one tear away, from the wind that sleeps away, wolves and sheep alike

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