Versuri Skyward - Guardian

Album: Skyward - Skyward

I only speak the truth, I am here for you
I'm right here beside you
I may not be real, but I know you feel me
I am always here, I am always near
look over your shoulder
I am never far, I'm as old as you are
cause I'm your

Guardian - may your dreams come true
Guardian - may you win
Guardian - I will help you up once again
Guardian - I believe in you
Guardian - When you're down
Guardian - I will be here holding your crown

I don't have a face, don't have a name
look deep in the mirror
I look better then, when no one sees me
I can make you see, I can make you feel
what's growing inside you
I will help you win, I'll keep you moving

look closer and you might find
a demon you'd recognize
hiding behind your eyes, I am there
an angel that doesn't fly
a demon that never lies
distant and by your side, I am there

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