Versuri Skyward - Travel In Time

Album: Skyward - Skyward

long ago, many eons ago,
the world beheld a celestial show
it cracked the mountains,
it split the seas,
what a great show it must have been
way before even god was born
the old ones witnessed a mighty storm
moulded mountains and boiled the seas,
there's a grand show I'd like to see

fly away, fly away
I want to fly away, fly away (x2)

travel in time
meet the first human and witness the birth of our kind
travel in time
future is waiting and one day it all will be mine
travel in time
travel forever, everywhere and everywhen
travel in time
is, was, and will be, again and again and again…

miracles once there used to be,
miracles we're not used to seeing
works of art our ancestors made,
some were destroyed but some remain
times of triumph, and blissfull years
times of turmoil and countless tears
if there's a future, then there's the truth
after all, we're ancestors too