Versuri SLAUGHTER - Tortured Souls

Album: SLAUGHTER - Strappado

Rampaging through graveyards
you can hear screams
lost souls trapped in hell
and eternal dreams
cursed spirits wander here,trapped in a void
A giant child plays with you like you are his toy
Try hard to reach the light one that dont exist
cross of all the Gods
that failed your faithful list
spit on God,hes the evil,trapping you in time
forget religions of all types, keeping you in line
We are the Tortured Souls...
F*** death,never panic,live for today
life beyond,past the grave,carry me away
in the crypts,bodies lay,souls all shout
into the light,rising up,all Gods stay out
Never find that guiding light it never did exist
crossing off every God that failed your f****** list
spit on the God,hes the evil,locks you in your mind
Forget religion of all types,theyll only make you
We are the Tortured Souls...

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