Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Stiluri: Experimental Avantgarde


Country: USA Label: The End Records Website: Formed in: 1999 1999- Experimental Avantgarde metal 1999- Experimental Avantgarde Rock Line-up Current members: 1999-  Carla Kihlstedt - violin, percussion, vocals   1999-  Dan Rathbun - bass, slide-piano log, pedal-action   1999-  Nils Frykdahl - guitar, vocals   1999-  Matthias Bossi - precussion, vocals   2004-  Michael Mellender - drums, voice   Former musicians: 1999-2001  David Shamrock - drums   1999-2004  Moe! Staiano - percussion   2001-2004  Frank Grau - drums       Discography 2001 Grand Opening And Closing 9......Toata biografia Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Tabulaturi Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Tabulaturi Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

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