Versuri Slipknot - Dogfish Rising

Album: Slipknot - Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat

There's a dog loose in the wood. 
Dogfish Rising.
It's good for gnawing.
Right wing Interlude.
In the 1990's ?
Thats got a nice groove to it there.
I saw a human hand.
Windmills like two.
Something in my left.
Screaming to fullfill.
Postniff scruchies?
Dogfish Rising..
Burn em' for thier nipples.
another rubber Rolex.
So skinny I knows.
Rookie, Lurks.
Battery powered power tool.
God spoke to me.
Dogfish rising.
Blistering cabbage.
That dogfish is dead.
We need this band.
Crusty fuzzy nuts-bye

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