Album: SLUMPARK CORRECTIONAL - T(h)rash Of The Orient 2008

The land of tyranny I hear you shout my name
Lust, Immortality, Embracing in the flames
Down to the borderline, to the last frontier
For those who stand their deeds, hell is marching near
We're on the borderline
I hear their voices and I can't believe this s**t
Those f*****g psychopaths, they'll never let us live
Enraged to excess, my blood's about to boil
You motherfuckers get away from my home soil!

We're on the borderline

My anger reigns over your pathetic souls
My f*****g sympathy you'll never live to see
We're running riots, and our lives are down to shreds
They spark the evil blood, running through my veins

We're on the borderline

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