Versuri SLUMPARK CORRECTIONAL - Dreaming Underneath Destruction

Album: SLUMPARK CORRECTIONAL - Dreaming Underneath Destruction

Politics, politics, f****d up politics
Powerless state that'll never taste freedom
Gunfire, gunshots, ruthless hostilities
Ruins of a kingdom that never had a king

Dreaming, dreaming, screamless dreaming
Dead men screaming, underneath destruction
Vile, low, loathsome, filthy human beings
Playing down fate like a dirty old coin

Dreaming in destruction
Wishing for destruction
Living for destruction
Dying by the flames

Remedy, remedy, malice has no remedy
Absolute insanity in a rotten faith
Cruel like a virus spreading in a dead corpse
Waiting for a lifespark to destroy the earth

Terrorists, terrorists all a bunch of terrorists
Killing for enjoyement terminating lives
Pathetic, pitiful once we were powerful
Now differentiated, into scrawny tribes

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