Album: SLUMPARK CORRECTIONAL - T(h)rash Of The Orient 2008

I'm at the front of your hate
I live the life you disdain
I am the sawdust you breathe
I bleed the hope that you claim
I see your pain and I scorn
I am the death you foresee
I am your inner remorse
I am what you'll never be
I am the voice in your mind
Fueling your worries and doubts
I live to value your sins
I die so you don't belong
I am the sins you deny
I am the guilt you affirm
I am the trust that you've lost
I'm here when you are no more
I'm your living opposition
I am the face of disease
I'm your medieval decree
You'll never level with me!
You're disregarded and torn
I am the wound that you bleed
I am the s**t that you're fed
I am the gap in your mind
I'm the incentive of lies
I am your social defeat
I am the failure you meet
I'm your sadistic demand
I am your self-hating seeds

I'm your living opposition
I'm your... opposition
I'm your... opposition