Album: SLUMPARK CORRECTIONAL - Dreaming Underneath Destruction

Roads filled with utter loyality to the civilized rapist
Ending lives for bloodstains, savaging human creatures
Where denied claims cant salvage justice
Envisioning the grey horizon beneath struggling dawn
Lining up for the weekend's rituals
Their breath reaks of filth
Like raw sewage full of slime
Chanting out their poisoned thoughts
Evening sun glows like an ember
Discarded lives faking smiles
Tearing away the peace of existence
Till they darken like slaves
Eyes full of ilness
Cant see through shadows
Where light blinds prophets
And holy bastards sin
We arise from the lower
Layers of swirling hell
Clearing the way with fire
For others to win the land
For the ones to be chosen we grant the power
Leaving us to drain, waiting for summer's end
Giving them what we spent years to posses and die for
Bringing them back to life to blow out the last flame.....

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