Versuri SLUMPARK CORRECTIONAL - The Villains Demise

Album: SLUMPARK CORRECTIONAL - Dreaming Underneath Destruction

Animal raised, child of hatered
Born to paint us red and black
Inferior creature, left its dungeon
Turned our shores a river of stains
The bells deny you in their churches
The claimed wisemen bowing down
The slaugters hang their armours
On the wall, until they fall

May the hell end your existence
May the sun melt down your steel
May your fat-chinned blackened army
Put below their guns and kneel

You fed us torture, left us dying
Now it's time, we'll pay you back
We'll kill you slow, we'll burn your dead corpse
We'll tear your soul in the afterland
The bells deny you in their churches
None shall save your wretched soul
The land you left is tearing...
Like a wall but now you fall

Rust in peace like a lasting shred of human disgrace
Never shall be born a slaughter to fill the void
Thats in your place.

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