Versuri Small Brown Bike - A Lesson To Remember

Album: Small Brown Bike - The River Bed

You see your kids born and they see us die. This cycle, it isn't perfect. Sometimes you see them and die. This cycle never stops. It is a
lesson, a memory. How much can you remember? The more you remember, the more it hurts. We spend half of our lives living with each other
and the other half is to remember or cope with a loss. I can't do this myself. We are forced to see this. Untie me and let me close my
eyes. When they're gone, where do I stand? To deal with both life and loss would push me to the edge. Brothers and sisters come together
to console each other, their father or mother. When it's time, let's all fall hand in hand peacefully. Closeness and each other, A lesson
to remember.

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